The Botanics - Huiles Sacrées et bougies parfumées
Scented Candles

Our scented candles

I suddenly have the strange feeling of being in harmony with myself, everything is perfect in this moment, the softness of the light, the little perfume in the air, the quiet hum of the city. I take a deep breath because life seems so simple to me, that a surge of love suddenly makes me want to help the whole of humanity.

Our Candles

Discover our Swiss scented candles, 100% handmade. Created with the intention of bringing light into your heart and your home. Our candles are made by hand, from the wick to the packaging. Soy wax is the ingredient of choice in the making of our candles. This wax comes from a non-GMO and European culture. The fragrances are certified phthalate-free and CMR-free. For the decoration we use, among others, wild flowers from our mountains, carefully picked and dried in our house. 



A luxurious collection, imagined with all the know-how and the requirement of the French Haute Parfumerie. This precious collection includes nine amazing fragrance creations. Ranges of fresh citrus notes, fruity explosions, powdery sweetness and woody notes. Beautiful and sophisticated scents that will personalise your home with a refined atmosphere.

A Candle,

An Oil

Discovery box

Enjoy the joy of unexpected discoveries and let yourself be carried away by the vibrations of our sacred oils and the refined scents of our candles.

Into The Woods


Immerse yourself in nature with this collection of fresh, warm and comforting scents. Disconnect, enjoy the silence, pause for a few minutes and let a sense of peace enter your home. 



Bring harmony and optimism to your space by combining the virtues of stones with soft, light and sparkling scents.  


When you first light the candle, let it burn until it melts evenly. This will promote even burning.


Never leave the candle burning unattended. Always keep candles out of the reach of children and pets.