The Botanics - Huiles Sacrées et bougies parfumées
Sacred Oils

sacred oils

Dedicated To

Your Higher Self. 

To The Beautiful Spirit Inside Of You,

Who Deserves To Be Honored, Loved and Respected. 

My gratitude to you

is eternal.


Love and

Be Loved

Affinity with heart chakra

Sacred oil

When the heart chakra is open and flowing well, you emit loving energy. You are able to love yourself, love others and you attract the love you give.

Open the heart

Release negative emotions

Give comfort and strength

Encourage self-love and self-acceptance

Bring balance and harmony

Help connect with yourself


Be Here

Be Abundant

Affinity with lower chakras

Sacred oil

When lower chakras are functionning optimally, in healthy alignment, you have an inner sense of security. You are content, creative and you exude a joyful vibrancy. 

Release mental anguish and confusion

Help you be grounded and relaxed

Give anchor, optimism and hope

Bring inner peace and confidence

Give power and strength

Good Vibes Only

Aligned with the brow and crown chakras

Sacred oil

With your intuition you seeing with the soul and with your divine connection you are always in touch with the solutions your are seeking.

Clear negative energy within chakras, or a space

Clear and calm your mind

Connect to your intuition

Connect you to your higher self

Bring peace of mind

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