The Botanics - Huiles Sacrées et bougies parfumées
Greeting an oil

greeting an oil for the first time

When you work with an oil for the first time, you need to become familiar with its particular field of energy by meditating with it.

Before you begin, prepare your Sacred oil and have your journal in which you can record your experiences with the oils.



    Sit in a quiet place indoors or outdoors where you’ll be totally undisturbed.


    Close your eyes and consciously breathe slowly and deeply until you feel centered. 


    State your intention, such as understanding the oil's energy.

    Now, open the bottle and smell the oil. 


    Allow the oil to speak to you.

    Explore the feelings and emotions that you experience.

    Check your physical body to see if you have any sensation. 


    This is the start of connecting with your energetic body.

    Record your experiences in your journal.