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Chakra Check-up

chakra check-up


This meditative check-in is to help you connect to your energy body and conduct an overall checkup. This process will help you identify and heal any energetic imbalances. Think of this chakra check-in as the start of connecting and consciously working with your energy body.


Smudge your space with the Palo Santo stick to clear the energy and light the candle.


Find a comfortable position to either sit or lie down for the duration of this session.

Now, open the bottle “Good vibes Only Sacred Oil” (clean chakra energy). Apply 3 drops into your palms and rub together. Close your eyes, smell the oil and take a few deep breaths in and out of your nose to help your mind focus and settle your heart rate. 


Set your intention, Invite in divine guidance or simply your own intuition.

( In the following section, you will find the position of  each chakra in the body )

Begin the process of “scanning” your body at each chakra. Starting from the soles of your feet and moving up to your lower back, then your lower abdomen, around your belly button, to your chest, your neck, the space between your eyebrows and your forehead, finally finishing with the crown of your head. At each chakra, just observe what you may sense, see, or feel as you move through each chakra.


Take some time to reflect. How do you generally feel about the state of your energetic body? Does it feel light and free-flowing, or heavy and constricted? How does each chakra feel? Is there physical tension?

Now that you have identify the area/chakra may need more help, choose the appropriate sacred oil

to balance and heal each chakra so its energy flows optimally. 


Apply 3 drops into your palms and rub together, keep your palms about 10/12cm (4/5 inches) above your chackra(s) and ask for help from de Divine, universe, the Source, cosmic energy - it doesn't really matter. Asking for something works. Ask to clean, restore, heal and balance the area. A few minutes on each area is often enough to release the energy.



The human body has seven major chakras, which run in a line from the crown of the head to the base of the spine. Each chakra is an energy center that affects the surrounding area of the body. Although we can’t see them at a physical level, many people can sense them with their hands. They feel like spinning wheels of energy when they’re functioning healthily.


Here’s a simple guide to the position of each chakra in the body: