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“ Meaningful moments arise when

we live an authentic life. “

“ Meaningful moments arise when

we live an authentic life. “

This is probably the most challenging thing a human being can endeavor to undertake because it is not the way of the world, but it is the way of the heart connects you to what is real, meaningful and eternal.

To create meaningful moments in our lives, we need to stay present and grounded. More than ever, for our spiritual and emotional well-being, we need rituals that make us feel more connected to ourselves, to the present moment and to something bigger than ourselves. One of the most important features of rituals is that they do not only mark time; they create time. A time to nourish our souls , heal wounds and make normal days special.

Our Oils

Sacred oils are medicines for soul and spirit. They are powerful tools for deep transformation, healing, and consciousness. Sacred oils differs from modern aromatherapy. The only thing that links modern aromatherapy with the practice of working with Sacred oils is that they both use essential oils. Otherwise, they have almost nothing in common. The practice of Sacred oils is very different. Its roots are based in ancient shamanic ritual practice. It’s the oil’s spiritual qualities that are important and valuable in the treatments. 

Olfactory Signature

The sense of smell and the ability to intuit the effects of smells are the most important sensory abilities that we have. To create the unique appeal of our Sacred oils, we have combined the finest ingredients to offer you a connection and a unique experience with our oils.

The Power Of Ritual

Rituals help to strengthen and support our soul, to clear and open our mind to higher guidance. The aim of rituals is to bring our body and mind into a deeper connection with our spirit every moment of every day. The more time we spend interacting with our spirit, the stronger our relationship with our highest self will be. 

 Handmade and made with love

Love and be loved: centre and heal to feel unconditional love for ourselves. Be Here: centres and roots. Good Vibes: brings joy, lightness and joy of being. These oils are perfect for the current energy. The kit is beautiful.


Energy Healer

We have just been anointed with your sacred oil. This is a true blessing and bares the passion and hard work you've put into these gifts of healing. Much gratitude.



The smells are really nice and the packaging is sooo pretty. I especially like the Love and be loved. it wraps and surrounds you in an bewitching and reassuring atmosphere.

Anne B. B.

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